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Words of Radiance pdf continues the immersive fantasy narrative from epic bestselling author Brandon Sanderson.

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Words of Radiance pdf
Book Name Words of Radiance
Pages 1087
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Author Brandon Sanderson
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Words of Radiance is the long-awaited sequel to Brandon Sanderson’s The Way of Kings. Kaladin, now in command of his squad of soldiers, must protect the innocent and defend his honor from outside forces corrupting the beautiful city-state of Dalinar Kholin: the father-king who conquered most of Roshar, leaving behind a trail of destruction; Vorinism, whose influence permeates every level of society; and even Kaladin himself as enemies seek to use his powers for their purposes.

Deep in the fastness of the Alethi highlands, it finally becomes time to confront the mysterious Parshendi and their devastating storm forms. The results of this meeting will transform war itself. Meanwhile, Adolin must wrestle with his father’s legacy. At the same time, Kaladin struggles to keep his army together as resources dwindle, and spa needs messages from home to reveal Dalinar’s thirst for knowledge can be as tricky as any sword.

Since their first meeting, Shallan has been fascinated by Szeth-son-son-Vallano. A wounded soldier who is guarded day and night, this mysterious man is known only as the Assassin in White. With his help, Shallan may be able to restore her family and reclaim the shattered secrets of her past. And yet as she starts to uncover the truth of what happened on that fateful night, she realizes there is far more at stake than she could have imagined.

About Words of Radiance Book

Words of Radiance, Book Two of the Stormlight Archive, continues the immersive fantasy epic that The Way of Kings began.

Expected by his enemies to die the miserable death of a military slave, Kaladin survived to be given command of the royal bodyguards, a controversial first for a low-status “dark eyes.” Now he must protect the king and Dalinar from every common peril and the distinctly uncommon threat of the Assassin, while secretly struggling to master remarkable new powers that are somehow linked to his honors pre, Syl.

The Assassin, Szeth, is active again, murdering rulers all over the world of Roshar, using his baffling powers to thwart every bodyguard and elude all pursuers. Among his prime targets is Highprince Dalinar, widely considered the power behind the Alethi throne. His leading role in the war would seem reason enough, but the Assassin’s master has much deeper motives.

Brilliant but troubled Shallan strives along a parallel path. Despite being broken in ways she refuses to acknowledge, she bears a terrible burden: to prevent somehow the return of the legendary Voidbringers and the civilization-ending Desolation that will follow. The secrets she needs can be found at the Shattered Plains, but just arriving there proves more difficult than she could have imagined.

Meanwhile, the Parshendi are making an epochal decision at the heart of the Shattered Plains. Hard pressed by years of Alethi attacks, their numbers ever shrinking, they are convinced by their war leader, Eshonai, to risk everything on a desperate gamble with the supernatural forces they once fled. The possible consequences for Parshendi and humans alike, for Roshar itself, are as dangerous as they are incalculable.

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