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Violet Bent Over the Grass pdf is a poetry book by Lana Del Rey. This stunning collection of poems is a piece of her art.

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Violet Bent Over the Grass pdf
Book Name Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass
Pages 128
Author Lana Del Rey
5/5 (1 vote)

Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass is a poetry collection by songwriter Lana Del Rey. It was published in April 2013 and contained poems written at various points during her life. Included are many poems about love, death, and loss. The collection’s name comes from the first poem in the book, ‘Violet Bent Backwards Over The Grass’, which has been described as ‘prophetic’ by the US magazine Spin.’

It’s no secret that Lana Del Rey has had one of the most exciting careers in the entertainment industry. With her latest release, she takes us through the life and loves of Violet, an artist who finds it easy to be herself when she’s singing but awkward being around others. From the popular self-titled debut album to her less-than-successful fourth album, “Paradise,” this book includes some of her best work with a fresh perspective on what makes Lana a unique artist.

An anthology of poetry, Violet Bent Backwards over the Grass is an intimate glimpse into the life and inspiration of Lana Del Rey. From her earliest poems to the present day, these vast selections showcase many sides of the artist at work and paint a vivid picture of her journey as an artist.

The poems in this collection were written over ten years, from the late ‘00s to the early ‘10s. They are chronicles of moments in my life, whether big or small, happy or sad. As a poet, I’ve been influenced by other poets like Emily Dickinson, Sylvia Plath, and John Donne. But ultimately, my poems are just about me and how I see the world around me—a world that often seems stacked against us girls.

About Violet Bent Backwards Over the Grass Book

The highly anticipated spoken word poetry collection from Lana Del Rey, Violet Bent Backwards over the Grass

“’Violet Bent Backwards over the Grass’ is the title poem of the book and the first poem I wrote of many. Some of them came to me in their entirety, which I dictated and then typed out, and some that I worked diligently, picking apart each word to make the perfect poem. They are eclectic and honest and not trying to be anything other than what they are, and for that reason, I’m proud of them, especially because the spirit in which they were written was very authentic.” (Lana Del Rey)

Lana Del Rey brings her breathtaking poetry to life in an unprecedented audiobook. In this stunning spoken word performance, Lana Del Rey reads 14 poems from her debut book Violet Bent Backwards over the Grass, accompanied by music from Grammy Award-winning musician Jack Antonoff. Lana’s debut book solidifies her further as “the essential writer of her times” (The Atlantic). This audiobook features Lana reading select poems from the book, including “LA Who Am I to Love You?”, “The Land of 1,000 Fires”, “Past the Bushes Cypress Thriving,” “Never to Heaven,” “Tessa DiPietro,” “Happy,” and several others. The result is an extraordinary poetic landscape reflecting its creator’s unguarded spirit.

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