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Things We Never Got Over pdf is a compelling story of love, loss, and the courage to face your past to move forward. Knox loves his dog,

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Things We Never Got Over pdf
Book Name Things We Never Got Over
Pages 570
Author Lucy Score
5/5 (1 vote)

Naomie is a beautiful, quirky bride who’s being chased down by her three bridesmaids to Knockemout, Virginia, where they plan to settle the dispute of who gets favors from the groom. So many books have been written about Bearded Bad Boys. So many ways to describe the passion-laced connection between them. But this will be the first published in a limited edition hardcover, featuring an exclusive design and content. Experience what makes us feel that we’ve never read anything quite like it!

Naomi couldn’t wait to get married. Just not to the man in front of her. Or any man at all, for that matter. She was running away from what she thought she wanted and toward what she knew she didn’t—marriage and family. But when Naomi gets robbed while out with her twin, the bride-to-be finds herself stranded on a roadless stretch of wilderness on the outskirts of Virginia’s Smith Mountain National Forest. A chance encounter with a local barber named Knox helps give her reason to hope again…even if it does only go halfway.

After being dumped, Naomi Longstep decides it’s time to take control of her life by running away. She doesn’t have time to wait on her love life; she’ll drive straight to Knockemout, Virginia and find herself a man – the kind of man who’s fast, dangerous, and could very well be packing heat. But when Naomi plunges into a bar in search of outlaws, she finds Knox Lincoln instead, who is anything but an outlaw – he’s just a bad-ass barber with the patience of a saint.

Knox drove away from Naomi without a second glance. But when she shows up on his doorstep, he realizes there’s more to this unpredictable woman than he first imagined. Naomi has come looking for her twin brother, Tremaine, and Knox is determined to help her find him. What follows are two damaged individuals on the verge of falling in love — but first they must overcome their own painful pasts.

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