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The wisdom pdf of the ages is distilled into a novel system of linking words that literally rewires your brain.

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The Wisdom Codes pdf
Book Name The Wisdom Codes
Pages 248
Author Gregg Braden
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The wisdom of the ages has always said that our words are the building blocks of our minds. And now cutting-edge discoveries in neuroscience reveal that these words rewire our brains, changing everything from our emotions to our feelings of security. It can even make us smarter-and happier. Written with warmth, humor, and clarity, The Wisdom Codes brings together a wealth of fascinating scientific discoveries about how words make us who we are.

The Wisdom Codes is a revealing look at the universal language of conscious creation, and a practical guide to life-altering answers and insights. Through this book, Gregg Braden opens our eyes to the mysteries of the human mind. Filled with quotes from ancient civilizations, he reveals how words actually create an actual change in our physical, mental and spiritual lives. The result is a rediscovery of what it means to be human: richly connected, loving and limitless.

A cutting-edge guide to our brain’s language, human wisdom at its finest. Neurolinguistics pioneer Gregg Braden reveals how our thinking patterns influence and are influenced by the words we speak-and why we should pay close attention. We don’t have to live in a world where the “I” is always doing it alone, where we feel stupid because our ideas don’t work or need to be proven repeatedly. In fact, by changing the way we think, even if only slightly, you can expand your reality and change your life forever.

About The Wisdom Codes Book

The cutting edge of neurolinguistics meets the spiritual wisdom of the ages in a handbook of key words that literally rewire our brains.

New discoveries in biology and the neurosciences reveal how the structure of language- the words we think and speak- can change how the neurons in our brains and hearts connect. But our ancestors understood this connection intuitively, thousands of years ago. They created specific word-patterns to provide comfort, healing, strength, and inner power in difficult times. They encoded these powerful words in prayers, chants, mantras, hymns, and sacred writings to preserve them for future generations. Now beloved teacher and thought leader Gregg Braden cracks the code and puts these powerful words in your hands.

Perfect as a pocket guide, a reference for spiritual study, or a gift to someone you love, this elegant, compact book contains Wisdom Codes that cut to the core of life’s most significant tests, most challenging demands, and hardest lessons. You’ll find chapters devoted to healing from loss and grief, facing your unspoken fears, finding certainty in the face of uncertain choices, and finding forgiveness, as well as ancient parables that offer a fast track to unraveling life’s deepest mysteries.

Each Wisdom Code-distilled from a quote, a scripture passage, or a parable-is accompanied by a brief discussion of what the code means, why it’s essential, and how to apply it in your life.

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