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The Right Stuff pdf is a prizewinning work of American history, in which journalist Tom Wolfe brilliantly recasts legendary men.

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Book Name The Right Stuff
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Author Tom Wolfe
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In the early 1960s, Tom Wolfe began The Right Stuff when it was unfashionable to contemplate American heroism. The year 1979 would prove to be a watershed in American history, and Tom Wolfe’s subjects were on par with their times: test pilots, astronauts, and pioneering aviators whose lives were as riveting as they were dangerous. In this bestseller (required reading at West Point), Wolfe marries his love of airplanes with an unmatched collection of anachronistic stories of courage and derring-do by men who lived their lives in the total sense of the word.

The Right Stuff begins at the dawn of the astronaut age and moves with dizzying speed to its conclusion in 1983. In this unforgettable novel, Tom Wolfe tells the story of men who risked everything to break free from the soil from which they had arisen, who would fly into space, test experimental aircraft and equipment and endure punishing training sessions for months at a time.

Tom Wolfe’s The Right Stuff is as timely as ever. Today, there appears to be no shortage of people given to glib pronouncements about America’s glorious military, who seem oblivious that the country’s most celebrated warriors have been fighting for freedom decades before they were born. No less remarkable than their feats, however, are the men who risked their lives—and sometimes lost them—to attain them.

About The Right Stuff Book

Tom Wolfe began The Right Stuff when it was unfashionable to contemplate American heroism. Nixon had left the White House in disgrace, the nation was reeling from the catastrophe of Vietnam, and in 1979–the year the book appeared–Americans were being held hostage by Iranian militants. Yet it was exactly the anachronistic courage of his subjects that captivated Wolfe. In his foreword, he notes that as late as 1970, almost one in four career Navy pilots died in accidents. “The Right Stuff,” he explains, “became a story of why men were willing–willing?–delighted!–to take on such odds in this, an era literary people had long since characterized as the age of the anti-hero.”

Wolfe’s roots in New Journalism were intertwined with the nonfiction novel that Truman Capote had pioneered with In Cold Blood. As Capote did, Wolfe tells his story from a limited omniscient perspective, dropping into the lives of his “characters” as each in turn becomes a major player in the space program. After an opening chapter on the terror of being a test pilot’s wife, the story cuts back to the late 1940s, when Americans first attempted to break the sound barrier. Test pilots, we discover, are people who live fast lives with dangerous machines, not all of them airborne. Chuck Yeager was certainly among the fastest, and his determination to push through Mach 1–a feat that some had predicted would cause the destruction of any aircraft–makes him the book’s guiding spirit.

Yet soon the focus shifts to the seven initial astronauts. Wolfe traces Alan Shepard’s suborbital flight and Gus Grissom’s embarrassing panic on the high seas (making the controversial claim that Grissom flooded his Liberty capsule by blowing the escape hatch too soon). The author also produces an admiring portrait of John Glenn’s apple-pie heroism and selfless dedication. By the time Wolfe concludes with a return to Yeager and his late-career exploits, the narrative’s epic proportions and literary merits are secure. Certainly The Right Stuff is the best, the funniest, and the most definitive book ever written about America’s manned space program. –Patrick O’Kelley.

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