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The Lazy Genius Way pdf, the book you need to take control of your life and feel fulfilled through a more intentional and productive lifestyle.

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The Lazy Genius Way Pdf
Book Name The Lazy Genius Way
Pages 240
Author Kendra Adachi
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Lazy Genius completely changes how you approach your daily activities, including what you do while you sleep. With this new method, you’ll feel more energized and alive. And because you’re working smarter and not harder, lazy will become a choice, not a sacrifice for “productive” people.

In every generation, some do more with less. They’re the ones who are efficient and effective, who find ways to get more done in less time. The Lazy Genius Way: A Framework for Mastering Your Mind and Overcoming Procrastination by Kendra Adachi is dedicated to helping you recognize the genius within yourself and become a lazy genius.

If you’re not making your life productive, it doesn’t mean you need to do more. You don’t stay productive for the long run unless you know how to manage it. In the pages of this book, Kendra Adachi will teach you how to effectively harness your mental energy and motivation so that you can accomplish more than ever before in less time.

In Lazy Genius by Kendra Adachi, you’ll find a comprehensive strategy for a meaningful life that is anything but boring. From how to prioritize your time and set goals, to how to organize work and stay focused during core hours—Lazy Genius helps you eliminate procrastination.

About The Lazy Genius Way Book

Be productive without sacrificing peace of mind using Lazy Genius principles that help you focus on what really matters and let go of what doesn’t.

If you need a comprehensive strategy for a meaningful life but are tired of reading stacks of self-help books, here is an easy way. No more cobbling together life hacks and productivity strategies from dozens of authors and still feeling tired. The struggle is real, but it doesn’t have to be in charge.

With wisdom and wit, the host of The Lazy Genius Podcast, Kendra Adachi, shows you that it’s not about doing more or less; it’s about doing what matters to you. In this book, she offers fourteen practical and purposeful principles, like a Swiss army knife for how to be a person. Use them combined with “lazy genius” anything, from laundry and meal plans to make friends and napping without guilt. It’s possible to be soulful and efficient simultaneously; this book is the blueprint.

The Lazy Genius Way isn’t a new list of things to do; it’s a new way to see. Skip the rules about getting up at 5 a.m. and drinking more water. Let’s figure out how to be a good person who can get stuff done without turning into The Hulk. These Lazy Genius principles–such as Decide Once, Start Small, Ask the Magic Question, and more–offer a better way to approach your time, relationships, and piles of mail, no matter your personality or life stage. Be who you already are, just with a better set of tools.

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