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The Drawing of the Three pdf is a doorways-themed horror novel by Stephen King, his thirteenth stand-alone novel.

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The Drawing of the Three pdf
Book Name The Drawing of the Three
Pages 463
Author Stephen King
5/5 (1 vote)

The Drawing of the Three is a story in which one man pursues his quest for the Dark Tower through a world that mirrors our own, but has been twisted further away from reality. In their quest to find the Dark Tower, Roland and his companions must cooperate with each other as they search across a number of universes. From the man who created IT and 28 days later, comes the story of Roland, who is the last of his kind. As he embarks on an epic quest to reach The Dark Tower and defeat the Man in Black, Roland faces his own past and sacrifices to save the life of his ka-tet.

Step into the much-anticipated new novel from Stephen King. A spellbinding tale of adventure, The Drawing of the Three follows Roland as he travels across dimensions searching for his lost love, Susan Delgado. When a young woman named Jake enters his life, Roland must make a choice that will change him forever: continue on his quest to reach the Dark Tower and save his friends, or remain on Earth with Jake as she moves through life as another man’s wife.”

Welcome to the first book in Stephen King’s epic Dark Tower Series. One man, Roland Deschain of Gilead, has insomnia. No matter how hard he tries, he cannot stop dreaming that a magical doorway has been opened and monsters are pouring forth into our world. In his dreams, Roland is locked in battle with these creatures whose only desire is to destroy him. Where they come from and where they go when they emerge from the portals of his tortured mind remains unanswered. But it’s clear just how important the answers are to Roland’s quest for The Dark Tower – a quest that will set its bearer upon a collision course with the demon Sombra and plunge the worlds of darkness and light into war! As Roland travels through this strange landscape, he meets two opposing groups: one led by Matthew Corbett, willing to use any means necessary to further their cause; the other led by Walter.

About The Drawing of the Three Book

While pursuing his quest for the Dark Tower through a world that is a nightmarishly distorted mirror image of our own, Roland, the last gunslinger, encounters three mysterious doorways on the beach. Each one enters into a different person’s life in contemporary New York.

Here he links forces with the defiant young Eddie Dean and the beautiful, brilliant, and brave Odetta Holmes in a savage struggle against underworld evil and otherworldly enemies.

Once again, Stephen King has masterfully interwoven dark, evocative fantasy and icy realism.

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