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The Art of Happiness pdf is not some Buddha-era grand plan to teach an ancient philosophy but a modern-day tool for living one's life.

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The Art of Happiness pdf
Book Name The Art of Happiness
Author Dalai Lama
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In this compelling, moving book, the Dalai Lama presents his views on the human condition—on our most pressing questions: Is there such a thing as “true happiness”? What makes us feel happy? How do we make ourselves happy? How does one become utterly selfless and serve others without expecting anything?

Dalai Lama XIV, known worldwide for his wisdom and compassion and his distinctive appearance — a monk’s robes and shaved head — is a Buddhist monk and Buddhist leader. The Dalai Lama promotes peace, love, and non-violence throughout the world.

Whether you’re interested in his spiritual leadership or political activism, this book will ensure you get the most out of your time with the Dalai Lama. As fascinating and inspiring as it is easy to read, The Art of Happiness will help you discover why happiness is not only possible but essential. Learn more about the importance of positive emotions as a tool for empowerment and inner strength, as well as how to harness these experiences into a lifestyle that can help others and yourself feel great.

Dalai Lama, who won the Nobel Prize in 1989 and has been described as “the world’s best-known Buddhist monk,” was named Time magazine’s 2002 Person of the Year. The Dalai Lama speaks to Western audiences about the importance of religious faith, family planning, and the environment. In this highly personal book, he shares advice that extends beyond his teachings.

About The Art of Happiness Book

Nearly every time you see him, he’s laughing or at least smiling. And he makes everyone else around him feel like smiling. He’s the Dalai Lama, Tibet’s spiritual and temporal leader, a Nobel Prize winner, and an increasingly popular speaker and statesman. Moreover, he’ll tell you that happiness is the purpose of life and that “the very motion of our life is towards happiness.” How to get there has always been the question.

He’s tried to answer it before, but he’s never had the help of a psychiatrist to get the message across in a context we can easily understand. The Dalai Lama shows us how to defeat anxiety, insecurity, anger, and discouragement through conversations, stories, and meditations. With Dr. Cutler, he explores many facets of everyday life, including relationships, loss, and the pursuit of wealth, to illustrate how to ride through life’s obstacles on a deep and abiding source of inner peace.

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