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Stoner pdf marries the wrong woman, finds out his wife teaches in a Southern school, and the book ends with the class seeing a stranger

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Stoner pdf
Book Name Stoner
Pages 288
Author John Williams
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William Stoner embodies a generation of Americans who went through World War II, entered college precisely at nineteen, and then never returned. He learns languages and discovers English. He becomes an educator. His childhood has been peaceful, but enough events occur that one might be forgiven for not knowing him well. Yet as he grows older, he meets a love that will be lasting, even in death.

A young man rises slowly through the ranks of academia and transforms himself into a teacher. He marries a member of his own family and, in so doing, creates the deepest wound of his life. Death comes to him years later that seems too much like the other; perhaps it is a suicide but its effect will be profound on his colleagues and friends. His transformation has led him to an academic life he no longer desires.

In the last decades of the 19th century, young William Stoner is thrust into a life of turmoil. As he enters the University of Missouri at nineteen to study agriculture, a seminar on English literature changed his life and led him to become a teacher. He marries the wrong woman and has no children, raising only two nieces he loves. His life is quiet and uneventful until his death thirty years after he has moved from teaching schoolchildren to living in poverty with his wife’s sister in rural Missouri.

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William Stoner enters the University of Missouri at nineteen to study agriculture. A seminar on English literature changes his life, and he never returns to work on his father’s farm. Stoner becomes a teacher. He marries the wrong woman. His life is quiet, and after his death, his colleagues rarely remember him.

Yet with truthfulness, compassion and intense power, this novel uncovers a story of universal value.

Stoner tells of the conflicts, defeats and victories of the human race that pass unrecorded by history, and reclaims the significance of an individual life. A reading experience like no other, itself a tribute to the power of literature, it is a novel to be savored.

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