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Smarter Faster, Better pdf is about how the human brain creates habits and behaviors that make our lives easier, more productive, and happier.

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Smarter Faster Better pdf
Book Name Smarter Faster Better
Pages 400
Author Charles Duhigg
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Smarter Faster, Better is the definitive guide to achieving sustained peak performance at work. The book reveals the science of productivity—and provides concrete strategies for how to put that science into practice. Information technology expert Charles Duhigg (The Power of Habit: Why We Do What We Do in Life and Business) draws on examples from his own experiences as a writer and journalist to explain how our brains are wired for peak performance and discover how you can harness it to make more time for the things that matter in your life.

Do you ever find yourself struggling to get things done? Charles Duhigg reveals how increasing our understanding of what makes us better, smarter, and faster can help transform our lives and make real progress in the areas that matter most.

We know that in today’s world, organizations, workers, and companies can make better decisions faster by using data – yet too often people don’t have access to the right insights at the right time. Charles Duhigg takes you through the science of how decision science works, and presents new strategies for making better decisions without being overwhelmed by the data out there on the internet.

About Smarter Faster, Better Book

A new book that explores the science of productivity and why, in today’s world, managing how you think—rather than what you think—can transform your life.

In this information age, we are inundated by the constant stream of ideas and options. But while many of those distractions can contribute to productivity and raise our game at work, they also take energy away from more profound value-creation activities—like working on your craft or pursuing your passions.

Manage how you think—rather than what you think—and you’ll conquer the world. Charles Duhigg is a reporter for the New York Times whose articles have appeared in such publications as the New York Times Magazine, The Atlantic, Boston Globe, New Yorker, and Washington Post. Smarter Faster Better weaves together interviews with leading scientists, researchers, and researchers in this groundbreaking exploration into how we improve productivity both in the office and at home.

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