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Mastering Your Mean Girl pdf is a unique, easy-to-complete 12-day program that teaches women how to end their toxic relationships with their Mean Girls.

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Mastering Your Mean Girl pdf
Book Name Mastering Your Mean Girl
Pages 288
Author Melissa Ambrosini
5/5 (1 vote)

Mastering Your Mean Girl is a book that will teach you how to recognize and stop your mean girl’s destructive thoughts, behaviors and habits; and help you break free from the victim game and move forward. Once you learn how to manage your thoughts, feelings and emotions like a true queen, you’ll be empowered to create the success you were always meant to have.

Imagine finally taking back control over your life and the confidence to achieve your dreams. All because of this one book. In Mastering Your Mean Girl, you’ll learn how to unlock the inner power that sets you free. With simple tools and techniques to help you stop allowing your Mean Girl to make all your decisions—and start making your own again.

Mean Girls are the negative thoughts we have about ourselves that come from judgment, criticism, or internal put-downs. But they’re not our only friends. We also have a Mean Girl Boss who knocks us down and beats us up by making us feel guilty for taking time for ourselves, doing something different from what she wants us to do, turning every positive person into an enemy and every success into a failure.

It’s time to let go of your Mean Girl and say goodbye to Fear Town. In Master Your Mean Girl, bestselling author Melissa Ambrosini shares her powerful story of overcoming negativity, along with practical, simple tips and techniques that will help you dissolve the limiting and even crippling self-judgment holding you back from greatness.

About Mastering Your Mean Girl Book

Ready to activate your dream life?

You know that sneaky voice inside your head telling you that you’re not good enough, smart enough, skinny enough, whatever enough? That’s your Mean Girl. And she’s doing her best to keep you stuck in Fear Town, too scared to go after the life you always imagined.

But enough’s enough! Melissa Ambrosini has made a life beyond her wildest dreams by mastering her Mean Girl, busting through limiting beliefs, and karate-chopping through the fears that held her hostage for years. And now she wants to help you remember not only what you are capable of, but how amazing you truly are!

In this inspiring, upbeat guide, Melissa provides a practical plan for creating your own version of a kick-ass life that’s wildly wealthy, fabulously healthy, and bursting with love. Designed to propel you out of stuck-ness and into action, this is a must-read if you’re ready to let go of your Mean Girl and start living the life of your dreams.

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