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Kon-Tiki pdf is inspired by the legend of Kon-Tiki. This book celebrates Thor Heyerdahl's extraordinary attempt to prove his theory that humans settled.

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Kon-Tiki pdf
Book Name Kon-Tiki
Pages 256
Author Thor Heyerdahl
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The Kon-Tiki is the astonishing journey of 4,300 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean by raft, undertaken by Norwegian adventurer Thor Heyerdahl to prove that a legendary race from thousands of miles to the east had settled Polynesia. It was the subject of his doctoral thesis and the inspiration for his 1967 book, which has now become a classic.

In 1939, adventurers Thor Heyerdahl and five sailors set out from Peru to test his theory. On a homemade raft, it traveled by ocean currents for months before arriving in Polynesia. Their journey ended with triumph – and now, for the first time since its publication in 1960, Heyerdahl’s book has been fully re-edited, restoring images and transcripts initially omitted from the original text. The reissued edition retains the original design: but only 50 copies will be available at a price that captures a historical event while still allowing our readers to benefit from an excellent reprint of an essential text on modern history and culture.

Thor Heyerdahl is best known as the father of modern ethnology. Still, he was also an adventurer who undertook some of our time’s most important scientific experiments: Heyerdahl planted seeds on a raft and sailed with them to Polynesia. This book is about that extraordinary trip – about what it took for a Norwegian couple to make the journey from Peru to Rapa Nui and the fantastic discoveries that accompanied their return years later.

About Kon-Tiki Book

Kon-Tiki is the record of an astonishing adventure – a journey of 4,300 nautical miles across the Pacific Ocean by raft. Intrigued by Polynesian folklore, biologist Thor Heyerdahl suspected that the South Sea Islands had been settled by an ancient race from thousands of miles to the east, led by a mythical hero, Kon-Tiki. He decided to prove his theory by duplicating the legendary voyage.

On April 28, 1947, Heyerdahl and five other adventurers sailed from Peru on a balsa log raft. After three months on the open sea, encountering raging storms, whales, and sharks, they sighted land – the Polynesian island of Puka Puka.

Translated into over sixty languages, Kon-Tiki is a classic, inspiring tale of daring and courage – a magnificent saga of men against the sea.

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