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Just After Sunset pdf is a new, previously uncollected work by Stephen King—illustrated with arresting photographs.

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Just After Sunset pdf
Book Name Just After Sunset
Pages 367
Author Stephen King
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Just after sunset, as darkness grips, the imagination is when you feel the unexpected creep into the everyday. The seemingly ordinary becomes imbued with mystery and magic. An ordinary house can be haunted, a perfect neighborhood harbors devious secrets and sinister crimes, and even the coldest of hearts may hide a heart of gold. This stunning short story collection collects twenty-six of Stephen King’s most extraordinary tales to blow your mind, chill your soul and make you think twice about that same trip into town next time you have errands to run.

This is a collection of stories by Stephen King that explore the shifting sensations of ordinary life. This book will touch your imagination and awaken your heart for those who like to read under the covers with a flashlight and for those who like to curl up on the couch with a blanket.

In Just After Sunset, Stephen King explores the twilight hours between dusk and dawn—the impossible hours when things move just beyond the edge of sight. In these stories that range far and wide across the landscape of America’s heartland, the everyday is transformed into something darkly mesmerizing. You’ll meet an unhinged hitchhiker, a modern-day werewolf, a family whose holiday beach trip takes a horrifying detour…even a man who believes he’s been abducted by aliens. In other words: nothing is what it seems.

This collection includes thirteen stories by the undisputed master of the short-story genre. The stories are set in the deep South. They are notable for their exploration of supernatural themes, their strong sense of place, and their language’s sheer intelligence and sophistication. In ‘Ayana’, where the sounds made by a stuffed dog take on sinister purposes; in ‘Umney’s Last Case’, where a private detective is back from the dead; and in ingeniously atmospheric pieces like ‘Home Delivery’ and ‘Luckey Cut’, King is at his most potent.

About Just After Sunset Book

Just after sunset, as darkness grips, the imagination is when you feel the unexpected creep into the everyday. As regular journeys take a different turn, ordinary objects assume extraordinary powers.

A blind intruder visits a dying man – and saves his life with a kiss.

A woman receives a phone call from her husband. Her LATE husband.

Emily starts running in the emotional aftermath of her baby’s sudden death and running. Her curiosity leads her right into the hands of a murderer… and soon, her legs are her only hope for survival.

Enter a world of masterful suspense, dark comedy, and thrilling twists which will keep you riveted from the first page.

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