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Intimations is a collection of essays that examines the yea, when England and her dependencies were locked down in anticipation of a terrorist attack.

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Intimations, Zadie Smith’s highly anticipated new book, is a series of personal essays on life and art. Deeply personal and powerfully moving, they take us on an urgent journey through current events and revolve around the experience of lockdown in a small English village; displacement in Western society; race relations; family history, generational differences, and the changing place of women in the world today. Written before the Brexit vote, when fear and hope were balanced in a precarious balance, these essays show us how this uncertainty has shaped our reality and why it need not be so if we can only open our eyes.”

In seven short essays, Zadie Smith weaves a series of reflections on the current state of the world, especially politics, how those things relate to her own life and thoughts, and how she is coping with being a black woman in America today. She writes about nostalgia and how it can be used as a “cover” for hatred; about waiting in lines — of every kind — as an exercise in democracy; about why speaking out against hate matters; about whether it is possible to believe that America will change or whether it must continue its path toward authoritarianism; about needing both social media and quiet time; and finally, about what hope means in such uncertain times—both collectively and individually.

A series of essays on the experience of civil unrest, written in a time of crisis as an act of resistance against the dulling effects of fear and alarm. A book that asks readers to look beyond their circumstances, Intimations is an essential text in the debates around race, literature, and politics in 21st-century America.

About Intimations Book

Deeply personal and powerfully moving, a short and timely series of essays on the experience of lockdown, by one of the most clear-sighted and essential writers of our time

“There will be many books written about 2020: historical, analytic, political, and comprehensive accounts. This is not any of those—the year isn’t halfway done. What I’ve tried to do is organize some of the feelings and thoughts that events, so far, have provoked in me in those scraps of time the year itself has allowed. These are above all personal essays: small by definition, short by necessity.”

Crafted with the sharp intelligence, wit, and style that have won Zadie Smith millions of fans and suffused with profound intimacy and tenderness in response to these unprecedented times, Intimations is a vital work of art, a gesture of connection and an act of love—an essential book in extraordinary times.

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