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Fish in a Tree pdf is the moving story of a young girl who desperately wants to be normal and struggles to keep up the lie.

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Book Name Fish in a Tree
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Everybody is smart in different ways. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its life believing it is stupid.”Ally has been smart enough to fool a lot of intelligent people—it’s just that her classmates aren’t interested in coloring, scavenger hunts, or origami, and she can’t use them to hide the fact that she can’t read and, therefore can’t participate in most classroom activities. They may not have noticed Ally was anything but wise until her father discovers her deception. But now Ally will have to come face-to-face with the truth about herself once and for all.

Fish in a Tree follows the story of Ally, a girl who is diagnosed with dyslexia and works to keep her disability hidden by disrupting class. When Mrs. Trotter discovers her, the new school’s principal, Ally, feels betrayed and becomes angry with Mrs. Trotter for keeping her secret. As they work together to better Ally’s learning environment and as Ally learns more about herself and her inability to read, she finally finds someone who believes in her and helps her overcome this hurdle to succeed in life.

Ally is brilliant in some ways and not so bright in others. When she is thrown into a new school, she finds it challenging to learn to read. Using her disability as an excuse, she gets by creating distractions rather than focusing on the task at hand. Does she believe she has found a foolproof plan to keep herself safe from others finding out about her illiteracy? Is this true?

In this heartwarming story, we meet Ally, an intelligent girl who cannot read. Although others protect her, her situation becomes increasingly difficult as she faces bullying and school challenges. The ally must decide between taking a risk on a new teacher or continuing to hide the reality of her life—and ultimately facing the pain of losing her friends and family.

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“Everybody is smart in different ways. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its life believing it is stupid.”

Ally has been smart enough to fool a lot of intelligent people. Every time she lands in a new school, she can hide her inability to read by creating clever yet disruptive distractions. She is afraid to ask for help; how can you cure dumb? However, her newest teacher Mr. Daniels sees the bright, creative kid underneath the troublemaker.

With his help, Ally learns not to be so hard on herself, and that dyslexia is nothing to be ashamed of. As her confidence grows, Ally feels free to be herself, and the world opens up with possibilities. She discovers that there’s a lot more to her—and to everyone—than a label and that great minds don’t always think alike.

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