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FINDING ME pdf is the story of Michelle Knight and how she endured horrifying physical and emotional abuse for over 11 years.

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Finding Me pdf
Book Name Finding Me
Pages 280
Author Michelle Knight
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This is Michelle’s story, firsthand and told in her voice. It chronicles her abduction, years of abuse and trauma, and eventual escape. Her story has not only captivated millions but has also touched the world. She continues to devote most of her time to speaking engagements to inspire others and create awareness about human trafficking.

The compelling, inspiring, and gripping true story of Michelle Knight’s courage in the face of unthinkable adversity. Michelle was a young single mother kidnapped by a local school bus driver named Ariel Castro. For more than a decade afterward, she endured unimaginable torture at the hand of her abductor until her remarkable escape with two other women on May 6th, 2013, brought them all back into the light. Readers will be mesmerized by Michelle’s depiction of her harrowing ordeal and will rejoice in her story of resilience and hope — and the promise that she has not given up one bit on life!

The #1 New York Times Bestseller, Finding Me is an inspiring memoir that recounts Michelle Knight’s life before and after her nearly 11 years of captivity. In vivid detail, Knight describes her abductor’s torture chamber and the psychological effects of his abuse. She joins Dr. Phil for an exclusive interview to discuss the strength it took to survive such unrelenting trauma and how she ultimately found hope in her darkest days.

Michelle Knight is a survivor. A woman who has lived through unthinkable horrors, she tells the story of her abduction at age 20 and 10 years of captivity, where she was subjected to extreme violence and endured unspeakable psychological torture. With writer Rebecca Morris’s help, Michelle offers comfort and guidance, providing hope for anyone struggling in similar circumstances. Finding Me offers a detailed, life-affirming account of one woman’s ability to overcome extraordinary and unimaginable circumstances through sheer force of will.

About Finding Me Book

The #1 New York Times Bestseller and inspirational memoir by Michelle Knight, whose survival story gripped the world and continues to inspire and offer hope.

Michelle was a young single mother kidnapped by a local school bus driver named Ariel Castro. For more than a decade afterward, she endured unimaginable torture at the hand of her abductor. In 2003 Amanda Berry joined her in captivity, followed by Gina DeJesus in 2004. Their escape on May 6, 2013, made headlines around the world.

Barely out of her tumultuous childhood, Michelle was estranged from her family and fighting for custody of her young son when she disappeared. Local police believed she had run away, so they removed her from the missing person lists fifteen months after she vanished. Castro tormented her with these facts, reminding her that no one was looking for her, that the outside world had forgotten her. But Michelle would not be broken.

In Finding Me, Michelle will reveal the heartbreaking details of her story, including the thoughts and prayers that helped her find the courage to endure her unimaginable circumstances and now build a life worth living. By sharing her past and her efforts to create a future, Michelle becomes a voice for the voiceless and a powerful symbol of hope for the thousands of children and young adults who go missing every year.

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