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Eight Dates by John M. Gottman is an easy-to-follow guide to follow in order to create--and keep--the connection that all couples.

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Eight Dates is the best-selling guide to a successful, lasting love life. Written by the renowned Gottman Institute and based on their over three decades of research into what makes couples happy in their relationships, it explores how we can work together to repair broken hearts and keep our relationships intact. Based on the Gottman’s husband-wife team’s three decades of studying couples, this book contains eight date ideas to help you get to know one another. These dates can be used in any order and are designed to help you learn about yourself and your partner, strengthen your relationship, and open a dialogue about your values.

This easy-reading guide has been written by the Gottmans, who, after over 30 years of studying couples, have discovered that a happy love life is possible with just four ingredients. These are intimacy (the ability to share secrets), passion (the ability to express affection), romance (the ability to make your partner feel valued), and stability (a shared sense of security and safety). Eight Dates will help you identify where you currently are in each of these areas and also teach you how to improve your skills -with practical tips and handy exercises throughout.

The Gottmans have spent over three decades studying the habits of 3000 couples. Within 10 minutes of meeting a couple, they can predict who will stay happily together or split up with 94% accuracy. Based on their findings and extensive research, they have created an e-book, Eight Dates: A Starter Marriage and Relationship Planner for Couples in their Twenties, Thirties, and beyond.

About Eight Dates Book

What really makes a relationship work? How can we stay interested in our partner forever? How can we be happier in our marriage?

Doctors John and Julie Gottman have spent over three decades studying the habits of 3000 couples. Within 10 minutes of meeting a team, they can predict who will stay happily together or split up, with 94% accuracy. Based on their findings on the ingredients to a happy, lasting love life, they have now created a straightforward series of eight dates, spanning:

  • commitment & trust
  • conflict resolution
  • intimacy & sex
  • fun & adventure
  • work & money
  • family values
  • growth & spirituality
  • goals & aspirations

Eight Dates draws on rigorous scientific and psychological research about how we fall in love using case studies of real-life couples whose relationships have improved after committing time to each other and following the dates. Full of innovative exercises and conversation starters to explore ways to deepen each aspect of the relationship, Eight Dates is an essential resource that fulfills a relationship.

‘Can a marriage be understood? Yes, it can. Gottman shows us how’ Malcolm Gladwell, author of Blink.

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