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Columbine pdf is the definitive account of the deadliest mass shooting in American history, a true account of two teenage boys.

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Book Name Columbine
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Author Dave Cullen
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Columbine is the definitive work on the most critical modern school shooting. Dave Cullen, who spent more than a decade reporting and researching this book, was granted access to hundreds of hours of police videos, crime scene photographs, FBI and ATF reports, 911 calls, and other evidence. His deeply reported account – sweeping, authoritative and heartbreaking – lays out how Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold came together under the influence of their community, their culture, and above all, themselves to commit one of the most notorious crimes in American history.

Written by New York Times bestselling author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Dave Cullen, Columbine is the definitive account of the deadliest high school shooting in modern American history. Told through rich, source material and drawn from hundreds of interviews—many with the killers themselves—this is an unparalleled and unforgettable exploration of what drives a young man to kill.

Columbine, the bestselling account of the nation’s worst high school massacre and an investigation into its causes and effects, is widely credited with breaking new ground in our understanding of what happened because it explained that there was nothing straightforward about Columbine. The book has been widely praised and translated into six languages. It is a gripping, deeply-reported story that places Columbine in context with all other mass shootings at American schools.

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“The tragedies keep coming. As we reel from the latest horror . . . ” So begins a new epilogue, illustrating how Columbine became the template for nearly two decades of “spectacle murders.” It is a false script seized upon by a generation of new killers. In the wake of Newtown, Aurora, and Virginia Tech, the imperative to understand the crime that sparked this plague grows more urgent every year.

What happened on April 20, 1999? The horror left an indelible stamp on the American psyche, but most of what we “know” is wrong. It wasn’t about jocks, Goths, or the Trench Coat Mafia. Dave Cullen was one of the first reporters on the scene and spent ten years on this book-widely recognized as the definitive account. With a keen investigative eye and psychological acumen, he draws on mountains of evidence, insight from the world’s leading forensic psychologists, and the killers’ own words and drawings-several reproduced in a new appendix. Cullen paints raw portraits of two polar opposite killers. They contrast starkly with the flashes of resilience and redemption among the survivors

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