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Burial Rites pdf by Hannah Kent is a literary debut inspired by true events and set in nineteenth-century Iceland.

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Burial Rites pdf
Book Name Burial Rites
Pages 336
Author Hannah Kent
5/5 (1 vote)

Burial Rites is a haunting and evocative novel inspired by the true story of Agnes Magnusson, who was sent to an isolated farm in Iceland to await execution for the brutal murder of her former master. Set against Iceland’s stark landscape and told in vivid flashbacks, Hannah Kent brings to life the teenage girl condemned as a witch.”

In 1829, a young farmhand is sentenced to death for killing her master. Strapped to the wheel of a rickety cart on her way to be hanged, she pleads for the right to confess her crime and tell her story: how she came to know the woman who accused her. Hannah Kent’s debut is a literary sensation, born of extensive historical research into one of Iceland’s most notorious crimes and inspired by real events.

Burial Rites is the unforgettable story of Agnes Magnusson, a servant girl accused of killing her employer. Sentenced to death in 1829 Iceland, Agnes awaits execution on an isolated farm. Her only consolations are reading and writing letters to her sister while anxiously pending an appeal that may save her life.

In 1829, Agnes Magnussdottir is condemned to death for her part in a shocking murder. Sentenced to be executed by beheading, she awaits her fate at an isolated farm, where the local priest arrives to hear her final confession. Over one agonizing week, the two forge an unlikely bond-one that deepens as Agnes recounts her turbulent life story before winding up on the merciless scaffold.

About Burial Rites Book

A brilliant literary debut, inspired by a true story: the final days of a young woman accused of murder in Iceland in 1829.

Set against Iceland’s stark landscape, Hannah Kent vividly tells the story of Agnes, who, charged with the brutal murder of her former master, is sent to an isolated farm to await execution.

Horrified at the prospect of housing a convicted murderer, the family initially avoids Agnes. Only Tóti, a priest Agnes has mysteriously chosen as her spiritual guardian, seeks to understand her. But as Agnes’s death looms, the farmer’s wife and daughters learn another side to the sensational story they’ve heard.

Riveting and rich with lyricism, Burial Rites evokes a dramatic existence in a distant time and place and asks how one woman can hope to endure when her life depends upon the stories others tell?

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