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Birth Skills pdf is the only book available that concentrates solely on helping you, and your partner, manage the pain of childbirth.

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Birth Skills pdf
Book Name Birth Skills
Pages 289
Author Juju Sundin, Sarah Murdoch
5/5 (1 vote)

Birth Skills will help you and your partner manage the pain of childbirth – from the first contraction throughout the labor to the actual birth itself. Using a clear, easy-to-follow, step-by-step format, Birth Skills explains how to deal with all aspects of labor and delivery – from breathing techniques to finding an accommodating birthing position. Author Juju Sundin provides numerous tips and tricks for managing labor pain, including hot showers, massage, and yoga exercises.

A new, fresh guide to coping with the physical discomfort of labor and staying positive. This book is a radical departure from traditional childbirth guides by focusing on developing skills for pain management and enabling you to get through this threshold moment in life. The author’s experiences are woven throughout the book to illustrate what has worked for her and many other parents worldwide.

This is your guide to overcoming the pain of childbirth, from contractions through to breastfeeding and looking after your baby. Written in an accessible and friendly style and packed with information, tips, and expert advice, this unique book will help you understand why women need pain relief during labor, helping you make informed decisions on what treatments are right for you.

From the first contraction to the birth itself, Birth Skills teaches you and your partner how to manage the pain of childbirth. With practical, easy-to-learn techniques and a caring, supportive attitude, Dr. Juju Sundin helps you learn how to cope with labor, easing the fear of unfamiliar procedures and surroundings.

About Birth Skills Books

The most anticipated part of pregnancy is giving birth, yet most pregnancy books devote only a chapter or two to this miraculous event and the physical discomfort that accompanies it. Uniquely, Birth Skills concentrates solely on helping you and your partner manage the pain of childbirth – from the first contraction throughout the labor to the actual birth itself.

Written by leading obstetric physiotherapist Juju Sundin, with Sarah Murdoch providing a mother’s point of view, this excellent book tells you exactly how your body works in labor. Clearly, it explains how you can use movement, breathing, vocalization, visualization, and many other easy-to-follow techniques to alleviate pain.

Juju and Sarah’s sound advice makes Birth Skills an invaluable guide for all expectant parents.

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