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In Be Here Now pdf, the first volume of Baba Ram Dass' memoirs, he tells the story of his remarkable journey through the journey to God.

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Be Here Now pdf
Book Name Be Here Now
Pages 292
Author Ram Dass
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In Be Here Now, the first volume of Baba Ram Dass’ memoirs, he tells the story of his remarkable journey through the journey to God. Dr. Richard Alpert is a Harvard-trained physician who studies with transcendental masters and becomes a pivotal figure in promoting Transcendental Meditation as a form of personal transformation and social activism.

One man’s transformation from Richard Alpert, PhD into Baba Ram Dass. Dr Richard Alpert, PhD, spent his life exploring the mysteries of consciousness and how they are expressed in everyday life. He became a founder of two well-known university departments and published many books on meditation and the spiritual path to awakening. Some consider this book to be one of those obvious religious inspirational storybooks. “Be Here Now” is more than just that; it goes deeper than that because it seems to open up a quantum leap forward in our understanding of man’s relationship with himself, others and the ultimate mystery.

His spirit was so indomitable, his daring so fearless and his sense of humor so infectious that after men had spent years trying to get him to change his ways, they called him: Dr. Dick. But somewhere along the way their attempts at persuasion gave way to humor and affection, and then the ‘doctor’ became a beloved elder statesman who shared everything—from insights into Zen Buddhism to humorous tales about his early days as an LSD experimentee. Through it all, he remained humble and unaffected by fame, just as genuine in private settings as in public forums. His gift for communication was unsurpassed in our community. In this forum, people gathered from around the world to hear him speak about such mystical subjects as karma reduction and non-attachment.

About Be Here Now Book

Describes one man’s transformation upon his acceptance of the principles of Yoga & gives a modern restatement of the importance of the spiritual side of human nature. Illustrated.
The book is divided into four sections:
Journey: The Transformation: Dr Richard Alpert, PhD into Baba Ram Dass
From Bindu to Ojas: The Core Book
Cookbook for a Sacred Life: A Manual for Conscious Being
Painted Cakes (Do Not Satisfy Hunger): Books

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