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All this time pdf is a story about learning how to live again, where friendship and love are the most important things in life.

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All This Time pdf
Book Name All This Time
Pages 336
Author Mikki Daughtry
5/5 (1 vote)

Kyle is lucky to be alive, but when he wakes up brain-injured after a car accident on his senior prom night, it casts a shadow over every aspect of his life. His girlfriend, Kimberly, is dead. And no one around him can possibly understand what he’s going through. Over the next year he lives with the mystery of who he was before that night. How would he have been different if something had happened at the beginning?

From the day he wakes up in a hospital and meets his doctor, a nurse named Lizzy. For Kyle, she’s benevolent and all-knowing, providing him with gentle guidance as he struggles to understand what has happened and why he can’t remember Kim or anyone from their past. But when Kyle discovers beyond Lizzy’s voice, others immediately want him out of the way and will stop at nothing to ensure it.

After a tragic accident, Kyle is left with a brain injury that makes it impossible for him to remember what happened. But as he struggles to cope with his reality, he starts feeling lost and alone. It’s almost been a year since Kyle and Kimberly met. He has his whole life ahead of him, but she was everything he wanted. He thought they were going to be together forever. And then she left…and everything changed.

About All This Time Book

Kyle and Kimberly have been the perfect couple all through high school, but when Kimberly breaks up with him on the night of their graduation party, Kyle’s entire world upends—literally. Their car crashes and when he awakes, he has a brain injury. Kimberly is dead. And no one in his life could understand.

Until Marley. Marley is suffering from her loss, a loss she thinks was her fault. And when their paths cross, Kyle sees in her all the unspoken things he’s feeling.

As Kyle and Marley work to heal each other’s wounds, their feelings for each other grow stronger. But Kyle can’t shake the sense that he’s headed for another crashing moment that will blow up his life as soon as he’s started to put it back together.

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